Grappleberry | I Love Salts E-Liquid by Mad Hatter | 30ml

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**This product contains nicotine salts in high concentrations and is NOT intended for use in Sub-Ohm Tank systems. Salt nicotine is intended for small form factor, very low wattage output systems**

Refreshment is only a vape away with this wonderful blend that mashes together two different flavors to make one spectacular taste that will take your breath away. Imagine wandering throughout the desert for hours on end with an empty canteen and no cactuses in sight, then you come across an oasis that has a waterfall of bold, ice cold fruit juice that you can drink until you've had your fill. We might not all be adventurers but we can definitely sympathize with that feeling of an unquenchable thirst, whether it was from playing sports in the summer time or sleeping during the winter time when the heat was on all night and you wake up feeling as dry as can be. This juice is going to have you feeling refreshed, revived and back to your old self again in no time. I Love Salts E Liquid is made and mixed by Mad Hatter E Juice who makes vape juices and has now launched this line that are produced with salt nicotine to make some of the most delicious flavors imaginable that not only deliver on taste but with that nicotine that you crave at the same time. With more impact per inhale, using blends that are made with salt nicotine is the way to go if you are trying to kick the habit. Grappleberry combines freshly picked off of the vine bold, sweet grapes and crisp, juicy apples to make this fruity blend that will have you feeling energized and pure. With long lasting taste and a smooth texture, this will be the key to your all day pep and positive attitude that spreads cheer and gets everything on your agenda accomplished.

Primary Flavors: Apple, Grape

PG/VG: 50/50

Flavor Profile:
Grape, Apple, Blueberry (kinda, not really, IDK)
VG/PG Ratio: